Personal work/ render study.
Starting from Daz Josie model, refine, texturized and transpose in zbrush,  render in Max Mental ray, Ps post.

The term gynoid was used by Gwyneth Jones in her 1985 novel Divine Endurance to describe a robot slave character in a futuristic China, that is judged by her beauty.
A gynoid is anything that resembles or pertains to the female human form. The term has more recently been applied to a humanoid robot designed to more accurately look like a human female with much more realism than normal androids, or of those with a sexual connotation. However, it has not gained popular usage to refer specifically to female robots, as the term android is used almost universally to refer to robotic humanoids regardless of apparent gender. Android is perceived as implying a male-styled robot according to some cultural readings however.



                                                             Graphic novel sketching...


Survivor Cyborg 02

Personal work. Ispiration : Nivan Chantara, Tsutomu Nihei, Fightpunch, Frankestein


Side Mech

Personal work , study.
Ispiration : Ben Mauro, Nivanh Chantara, Plug Steambot


Gundam ex-s

Added pictures of Gundam Coreworks Exstreme on modelkit page


3D Sketch

Square triangles 3Dsketch MECH study.
( zbrush + ps) ( ispired : Zamak, Ben Mauro, Tsutomu Nihei )